surgery #… i lost count

Chloe had her hand surgery today. Man was she a trooper. Took the whole ordeal like a champ. Not that she hasn’t been through numerous surgeries before, but she hasn’t had one in at least two years and now that she’s 6, shes ‘aware’ (as i like to call it) this time. We decided when getting out of the truck that we didn’t need to bring her foot in since she couldn’t wear it out of the hospital because she would be loopy. So we wheeled into Shriners and got registered. Chloe got to pick out a toy from their toy chest. She picked out the only doll left… a Bratz barbie doll (I’m not big on Bratz but her choice so going with it). 13450028_10210003737355626_4891653311243223574_n

Once we got up to her up to same-day-surgery, we waited in the waiting room while Chloe checked out her new doll. We finally went into the room and started prepping. Got into our hospital gown, took the ‘happy juice’, got all of her vitals, and wheeled back to surgery. Chloe was brave enough to ask the anesthesiologist (sure i know that one but i can’t remember the proper title for her ortho guy) if i could go back with her to go under, so i slipped into a fashionable 2xl hazmat looking circus tent of a scrub suit and went back with her.


After waiting for about an hour her docs came out to tell me everything went well and i could go see her soon. Finally got the go ahead to go see her, and was shocked when she woke up fairly coherent and not crying, upset, or in any other way distressed. She asked if they could take the IV out, which they couldn’t yet, and was content to sit up and have some teddy grahams and some sprite. After a little while longer they were finally able to take the IV out, she got dressed and we headed out of there to go get her meds and head home for some rest and rehab. Hopefully tomorrow goes as smoothly as today did 🙂 13516534_10210005654763560_1888087431327031126_n

But that’s another day…


Camp ’16


We have just returned from camp and still recovering, but I wanted to say hi to everyone that may be reading this and give a small update. I’m sure I’ll have a few more detailed blogs about some of the little things coming up but for now the overall.

Camp was great. It had it’s ups and it’s downs, mostly the giant hill between our dining area and our gathering area, but all-in-all it was a great time. Chloe figured out how to tie her shoes. She also shed some fear and bravely sang her ABC’s for the talent show.


The humidity and heat was another factor. Her leg kept sweating so bad that her leg was literally falling off!! We may have to talk to her (that guy) about how to combat sweating so her leg doesn’t keep falling off in the heat.

It’s Here!!!


Dut-da-da-DAAAAA!!! Introducing the new and improved Chloe leg  verson 6.0!!! Complete with gorgeous fabric overlay, and just in time to take it to Camp No limits in TWO DAYS!!!

I don’t think I have ever seen Chloe so happy to wake up from a car-ride nap. As we were in the elevator to head up to her orthotist( im not sure that’s what you call him, but im tired of saying ortho guy so im going with it feel free to correct me if you know the right term) she told me that she had a dream that she was walking.


We get to the office and go into their little testing room. As he brings it out, I m stunned to see that the light purple fabric we had picked out had turned into a stunning royal purple and white socket. she puts it on and goes for a run… a little pigeon toed. After a moment he comes back and we try again. Looks good! She ran up and down the main hall a couple times (which you can see here  ) and even posed on it for a couple of pictures.


Doc really liked the last one and took a pic of her like that himself (she’s not holding the wall or anything just balancing on her prosthetic)

Silly me remembered to bring the shoe for her prosthetic… but forgot it in the car, so i let her walk out in her socks and put her shoes on once we got to the car where her shoe was.

So far so good we are going to try it out at camp and we will update you guys if we find any issues with her new socket, but for now we are in brand new foot heaven!!!

TTFN- ta ta for now 🙂

Checking the fit

So yesterday we went back to the ortho lab to try on the test socket for Chloe’s flex foot. It was a big success and even ended on a higher note then even i thought.

We made it to the ortho lab and went into one of the rooms and waited for Chloe’s test socket to enter the room. When he entered the room with her test socket Chloe’s face lit up brighter then i have seen in the last few weeks. after sliding the liner up her leg, he slowly stuck the socket on and had her warily put her weight on it. It was a good fit 🙂


An intern? (not sure exactly but someone that had also taken a mold of her leg and made a test socket for practice) also tried his socket on her leg. This one was also a good fit but Chloe preferred the other one’s fit better.

After the initial try on, the ortho guy put her pin (the screw looking thing you see at the end of her liner in above pic) onto her liner one proceeded to put her socket on and attach it with the lock (the black thing at the bottom of previously mentioned above pic) and had her put her full weight on it and hop a bit to make sure the socket was a truely good fit. NO PAIN!!!


I thought that would be the end of the visit other then a few measurements to get the length right on her flex foot to reach the floor at the right height. I was wrong. He took her ‘current’ prosthesis and took the flex foot off and proceeded to duct tape (duct tape fixes everything) her flex foot to the test socket so she could stand up on it and try it out to make sure everything was perfect. Chloe was ECSTATIC!!! She ran between the balance bars a couple times and hopped up and down on it a couple times. She only had to stop because the duct tape was starting to loose a little grip and the ortho guy didn’t want to loose the place of the fitting.

We go in Friday to try on her FINISHED prosthesis!!! it will be all done up with new socket her flex foot and will be laminated with the adorable pink and purple with white butterfly  fabric you might have seen in one of my previous posts that she picked out. Two days after that we leave for Camp No Limits where Chloe will get to test out how limitless she is on her new leg. I can’t wait to post about that. But that’s a post for another day. 🙂

The flex foot

Hey guys, today i thought i would share something that me and Chloe learned while at camp no limits.

Last year at camp we were talking to an adult from camp about how Chloe really wanted a running foot. All she had at the time was her stationary foot, which has no ankle movement simulation. She wasn’t able to run because of her lack of motion. We discussed how when we applied through insurance for a running blade they had denied us because it wasn’t necessary for normal day-to-day activities. At the time she was 5 and i couldn’t understand how insurance thought running wasn’t a necessary day-to-day activity for a 5 year old.

After talking with said adult we learned that if you apply insurance for a flex foot you would be more likely to be accepted. There is little difference between a running blade and a flex foot. Technically a running blade is a type of flex foot but is used specifically for running athletically. After getting back from camp, we applied through insurance for a flex foot and we were approved.


As soon as Chloe received her flex foot she refused to wear her stationary foot (who would blame her) and even started the process of learning how to run. her steps are much more natural looking and she is able to do so many more things that she wasn’t able to do before. One of the nice things about her flex foot is that even though she has grown out of her socket they are able to reuse the flex foot bar on her new sockets.

So, for anyone who is having trouble obtaining a running foot type of prosthesis through insurance, try resubmitting it under a flex foot and you should be approved


Starting back up

Hey guys!!! Sorry it’s been a while since i last posted. Life kind of got in the way and my blog kind of fell by the wayside. So for an update: Chloe is now 6 years old and in the summer heading to 1st grade. So far this summer has been busy and it hasn’t even been a month yet.

These past couple weeks we have been going up to the ortho lab for a couple visits. Chloe is due for a new socket for her prosthesis. The end of her nub has grown out about an inch and narrowed down quite a bit. Her normal ortho guy was out of ideas, so we went to his slightly superior in experience (with kids) boss. He has ordered her a new liner, which we got to see yesterday and try on. He made a mold of her leg with the liner on and had an intern there who also took a mold. I mentioned to him that Chloe’s big camp of the summer ‘Camp No Limits’ was coming up in a week and asked if there was any way to at least get Chloe’s test socket made in time to try it out at camp. He did one better. He is having us come in on Monday to try on the test socket(s) and if they fit we will be dropping off her flex foot to get it attached to the socket as quickly as possible.

Today we went to the store and picked out her new fabric for her flex foot’s new socket. Looking through all of the fabrics at Wal-mart, Chloe chose a very pretty purple and pinkish fabric with white butterflies (yes somewhat similar to the one she has now but it is a different fabric). In true seamstress fashion i let her pick out some matching white fabric so any leftover fabric from her socket can be made into an outfit to match. She is so happy to be getting a new socket since hers hasn’t fit properly in about two months at least.20160603_155250[1]

In other new, Chloe will also be having hand surgery a week after camp. The webbing caused by her ABS between her middle and pointer finger on her left hand has rose up again and in keeping those fingers from having independent movement. She is a little scared because this is one of the first surgeries where she has been old enough to comprehend whats going on. To combat her fear we have been talking about it and watching some videos on youtube to ease her worries but I know she will be just fine.

Post surgery day 3

Chloe is on day 3 post surgery and recovering well. Pain in the morning since she went almost ten hours sleeping without pain meds but 30 mins later and shes playing with one of her get well balloons. Had to rewrap her amputated leg a couple times yesterday because she moves so much it just slides right off. wrapped it up again earlier this morning. Picnic for Dr. Dobbs’ patients today but we wont be attending. Her surgery was just to close to it for us to feel comfortable taking her to a big event. Hope everyone has a fun day 🙂